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Are you a professional driver, who has something to share regarding your driving experiences? Do you have some tips for beginners to know? If you do, then you can send it to us through our e-mail. We would appreciate it very much if you can send us reliable information or facts about driving a manual or automatic car.

We would like to encourage everybody to also send us your driving experiences, especially when you are still starting to learn how to drive, the mistakes that you have done on the road that made the authorities catch you because this would be serve as a lesson to all aspiring drivers and the tips that you know, especially when it comes to the maintenance of your own car.

Aside from that, we would also like our readers to send us their best pictures with their cars. This may serve as a scrapbook for all followers, readers of AACD Blog and students of the Antiques Asiatiques Car Driving Lesson School.

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