What to do after a failed driving test result

Have you ever failed your driving test? Well, I believe, that is not actually the most embarrassing moment in your life because other people also failed on their first take. I am not saying that failing is normal. Let’s say that it is not your lucky day or maybe you did not do your best.

Some people blame different things when they failed. They put the blame on their instructor, their mood swing, lack of sleep, tired or whatever they can think of. But, after failing the test, why don’t you ask yourself why you failed? Did you read the traffic rules? Do you always listen to your driving instructor? Do you take down important things to remember? Did you practice enough?

Now, after finding answers to those questions, you can assess yourself about your driving test. Sometimes, even if you have not taken the test yet, you will already know, if you will pass or not, basing on your self-assessment test. You know yourself better than anybody else in this world. So, if you know that you are ready to take the test again, then do it. And this time, make sure not to make the same mistakes again.

Keep on practicing

Do not ever give up after your failed driving test. If you will give up, then how or when will you pass? This is a time to boost your self-confidence and a time to give yourself a second chance. There is no space for giving up here. If you failed, then you should know that it is not yet the end of the world. The game is not over because you still have more 2 more chances. So, go and practice driving.

Study more

If you are thinking that you failed because of the written exam of your driving test, then you have to read more. Go back to your manual and go over the pages again. Do not stop reading until everything is in your mind. And then, if you think that asking your driving instructor some questions that may help you with the written test, then do not hesitate to ask important things.

And then, if you can find a practice written test for driving online, then it would be a great idea to download those or answer them as a practice. This will also help you lessen your nervous feeling during the test day.

Set goals

You have to keep in mind that you will someday travel and move around the city. And then, that will only happen, if you can pass your driving test. That goal must be met, so this will serve as your inspiration to keep on trying no matter how difficult driving is taking you.

Remember that you are not the only person, who is wishing to pass the driving test. So, take the driving lessons seriously and keep it in your heart and mind. Do not just let the driving lesson period pass without taking your lessons with you. It would be best to bring them home and carry it in your mind during the test.


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